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Peking Opera

Help you understand Peking Opera

Peking Opera, also known as Beijing Opera, is a traditional Chinese theatrical art form that originated in the late 18th century during the Qing Dynasty. Renowned for its elaborate costumes,…

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China travel destination

Must-see Shanghai tourist attractions

https://youtu.be/OEmP0G8LuOM #1. Xitiandi Shikumen Complex: Experience Shanghai’s history and today in the former French Concession Swipe right to view more pictures The French Concession in Shanghai originated in 1849, reached its peak…

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why Shanghai is so famous

Why is Shanghai so famous?

Home » Shanghai » Why is Shanghai so famous? These Shanghai tourist attractions, like exotic building clusters, historical bungalows, skyscrapers, cultural roads, luxury apartments, and mansions, form a unique Shanghai…

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food in Beijing

Beijing Chinese Food

Home » Beijing » Beijing Chinese Food Beijing is the capital of China and one of the top eight cities in the world for food. When you come to Beijing,…

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Suzhou attractions

Six must-see Suzhou attractions

Home » Suzhou » Six must-see Suzhou attractions Like other Chinese cities, Suzhou is developing rapidly, but it has not forgotten the culture of its ancestors. Nostalgia and newness exist…

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