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Off the Beaten Path: 8 Lesser-Known Destinations to Visit in China

In this article, we introduce you to eight breathtaking destinations that even most Chinese people may not be aware of, where the scenery is truly awe-inspiring…


Enshi, the most beautiful wonderland in China

Enshi has been praised as China’s Wonderland by CNN,’ The Most Beautiful Place in China ‘by China National Geographic, and listed as a World Heritage Site by the World Heritage List….

Beyond Dali and Lijiang: Travel Guide to the Ten Charming Yunnan Ancient Towns

There are many ancient towns and villages in Yunnan with very different styles. Some are sparsely populated; some are ancient and contain the vicissitudes of history;…

. Hong Kong

Hong Kong itinerary

How to plan a 3-day Hong Kong itinerary?

Due to its excellent location, Hong Kong is Asia’s financial center, shopping paradise and tourist destination. Once colonized by the British for 156 years, Hong Kong has achieved a perfect blend of Chinese and Western cultures. As a result, more…

Hong Kong Palace Museum

Explore the Hong Kong Palace Museum

Taking five years and costing about $520 million, the Hong Kong Palace Museum will finally open to the public in July 2022. The museum displays more than 900 precious cultural relics from the National Palace Museum of China, with 166…

. Taiwan

Travel Taiwan guide

How to plan a tour around the island of Taiwan?

We asked many Taiwan locals about the travel Taiwan guide of the best itinerary to travel around the island. Most of the answers for the best number of travel days were around ten. The best travel time choices are March-May and October-November each year….

. Beijing

Hutong Beijing

How to plan a trip in Beijing Hutong?

Beijing, the capital of China, is an ancient city with a history of over 3,000 years. In addition to the magnificent Chinese royal monuments, the Beijing hutong, the areas where the old Beijingers lived, also document the city’s history and culture…

Beijing attractions

Read before you visit Beijing must-see attractions

Among the many Beijing attractions, there are seven included in the world cultural heritage list. Beijing is the city with the most significant number of cultural heritage items in the world. Which Beijing attractions should be chosen by tourists for the first visit? And what tips are there to know before visiting? Let’s show you the details…

. Shanghai & Surroundings

why shanghai famous

Why is Shanghai so famous?

These Shanghai tourist attractions, like exotic building clusters, historical bungalows, skyscrapers, cultural roads, luxury apartments, and mansions, form a unique Shanghai Style. There are many huge shopping malls, countless buyer boutiques, and flagship stores…

Suzhou attraction

Six must-see Suzhou attractions

Like other Chinese cities, Suzhou is developing rapidly, but it has not forgotten the culture of its ancestors. Nostalgia and newness exist at the same time here. The industrial park is the modern part, where you can find all kinds of modern elements, such as skyscrapers, shopping malls, bars, and restaurants. While the old city…


18 activities to do in China’s most beautiful ancient town, Wuzhen

Wuzhen, an ancient water town in China, has a history of over 7,000 years of civilization and 1,300 years of town building. It was once selected as the most beautiful ancient town in China by National Geographic magazine. Here are some activities you should not miss when visiting Wuzhen…


Discover Shanghai’s Exciting New Landmarks in 2024

Shanghai, a city that never ceases to amaze, is set to unveil an array of groundbreaking landmark projects in 2024,…

. Xi’an

Xi'an famous attractions

From Terracotta Warriors to the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, from the ancient city gate to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an’s ancient city scenery has charmed countless people. But in the eyes of old Xi’an locals,…

must-do and must-not-do in Xi'an

Must-Do and Must-Not-Do in Xi’an for your first trip

Do you have any idea about your first trip to Xi’an and what you must-do and must-not-do in a short period? This article will help you to plan a three to four days trip to Xi’an…


Shaanxi History Museum – a better place to visit than the Terracotta Warriors & its 18 national treasures

Visitors will come to the city of Xi’an for the Terracotta Warriors. Still, many people do not know that the most historical and cultural-worthy attraction in Xi’an is the Shaanxi History Museum. First of all, we must know something about Xi ‘an. Xi ‘an is one of the four ancient capitals globally and the starting point…