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People often say that not coming to Tibet is a lifetime mistake; once you come to Tibet, you will understand the true meaning of life. So, please come to Tibet once in your life. This article will help you choose the right travel time and complete preparations for entering Tibet.

Tibet travel tips 1: Best time to travel to Tibet

The natural and cultural scenery of Tibet is equally charming. It is suitable to travel to Tibet throughout the year. However, the natural scenery is greatly affected by the weather. The view seen in different weathers is very different, so it is essential to choose the right time. The weather does not considerably issue the cultural scenery, but the right travel company and tour guide. Otherwise, most of the cultural scenery can only be given a hurried and cursory glance.


tibet travel tips

The average temperature in spring from March to April is around 6 degrees, and it is suitable to take the Nyingchi route east of Lhasa currently. The winter chill has not gone away; the mountains and fields of peach blossom have opened. Against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains in the distance, the pink peach blossoms are intoxicatingly beautiful.


tibet travel tips

May to August is the summer in Tibet, and the average temperature is around 20 degrees. This time is suitable for visiting all natural and cultural landscapes. Summer in Tibet is pleasant, and the oxygen content in the air is the highest during the year. This time is also the time of the year when there are the most tourists, so you need to prepare in advance because tickets for many attractions are difficult to buy. At the same time, the ultraviolet rays are intense in summer, so you need to pay attention to sun protection.


tibet travel tips

From September to November, Tibet has entered the autumn. At this time, Tibet is dyed golden, like a fairy tale world. It is suitable for visiting various natural and cultural scenery. Autumn is the best time to visit Tibet, and tourists will decrease significantly from November. However, this season is dry, so you need to pay attention to moisturizing.


Tibet travel tips

In winter, the average high temperature in Tibet is about 3 degrees, and the average low temperature is about minus 12 degrees. There are many sunny days and plenty of sunshine in winter, but the temperature difference between day and night is significant, so keeping warm is very important.

At this time, Tibet lacks rainfall, the weather is clear, the lake is incredibly blue, and the snow-capped mountains are unobstructed. It is suitable for seeing snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and blue ice. This season is the least touristy time of the year because of the cooler weather. But at this time, Tibet will show the unique beauty of tranquility and beauty of the snow-covered plateau, and you will find that the sky here can be so pure. The snow-capped peaks and meadows are even more heart-wrenching.

Tibet travel tips 2: Items you must bring when traveling in Tibet

  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizing skincare products
  • Prepare altitude sickness medicines in advance according to the doctor’s orders. For example, glucose powder, acamol powder, etc.
  • If the contact lens is necessary, please take eye drops.
  • During the whole day of outdoor travel, keep the mobile phone in a powered state, so you need to bring a power bank.
  • Other medicines: Cold medicine, throat medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, trauma medicine, vitamin

Tibet travel tips 3: Tibet Travel Dressing Guide

  • The plateau has a significant temperature difference between day and night, and the overall temperature is relatively low throughout the year. The perceived temperature is quite different from the same temperature in the plains. So you need to bring some warm and windproof clothes.
  • Be sure to bring thick sweaters, coats, down jackets, gloves, scarves, and hats in spring, autumn, and winter.
  • You also need to bring thick sweaters and jackets and thin down jackets in summer. Also need to wear a hat with sun protection.

Other useful tips

  • Stop aerobic exercise for half a month before entering Tibet, and you can adapt to altitude sickness faster.
  • Tibetan buttered tea helps reduce altitude sickness
  • Book your tickets in advance
  • Lack of vitamins in the plateau area is easy to get sick, so you need to bring vitamin C and supplement it every day.
  • It is recommended to wear long trousers when traveling in Tibet. Shorts and short skirts are not allowed in many attractions.
  • For more information about Tibet safety and religious taboos, please read the article: Before your visit to Tibet: Safety, Altitude sickness, Visa and Aliens’ Travel Permit