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Chinese people have a history of drinking tea for more than 4000 years. Tea culture is a significant part of Chinese culture.

Tea cakes are a type of dim sum that people have developed in the history of drinking tea. These small and exquisite snacks bring oriental aesthetics to the forefront. In terms of matching the taste of the tea and the tea cakes, people have created a perfect harmony considering various factors such as seasonal weather, regional habits, and culture.

This article recommends the seven best new-style Chinese teahouses or restaurants in Shanghai with the best reputation. In addition to tasting the tea and tea cakes from the first-class tea masters, you can experience the classic connotation of oriental tea culture here.

Shanghai teahouse #1: PUSU Tea (璞素茶事)  

This tea room is about 200 square meters of space, decorated with a large grey-green area with mahogany tables and chairs. Atmospheric yet elegant.

The tea master, Mr Shi, will make handmade tea cakes according to the season and at any cost. The spring tea cakes’ ingredients include yams and roses, invigorate qi and relieve depression. Summer tea cakes will add lotus seeds and Chinese water chestnut to help the body clear summer heat. Autumn tea cakes are made with tangerine peel and red beans, which help the body regulate qi and dispel dampness. In winter, the ingredients are bird’s nest and taro to moisturize and nourish the body ……

Address: L204, 2nd floor, Shipyard 1862, 1777 Binjiang Avenue

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9:30-21:30

Shanghai teahouse #2: Hu Xia Zhi Yu . Ji (户下之羽·集) 

This Chinese dessert store has only six seats. The small door is easy to miss, but there are ‘hidden wonders’ after entering, like traditional horse lanterns, carved wooden windows, and hand-stitched Su embroidery cushions. Various details are very Chinese classic charm and worth a closer look.

A unique feature of the teahouse is that the owner tried his best to restore the preparation of white tea and whisked tea of the Song Dynasty more than 800 years ago, according to ancient books.

Address: No. 5, Lane 161, South Xiangyang Road

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00-21:00

Shanghai teahouse #3: Yuan Gu Yun Jing (元古云境)  

Yuan Gu Yun Jing is a famous restaurant for its tea cakes.

The ancient Chinese divided the year into 24 solar terms based on the changing position of the sun on the return ecliptic to reflect the changing climate. The chefs in this restaurant make different seasonal cakes according to the changes in solar terms. For example, at the time of “Xiao Man”, the chef will make a cake called “Xiao Man”. This cake is made with seasonal Kaman oranges and almonds and has a sweet and soft taste. At the solar term of Grain in Ear, the tea cake named “Grain in Ear” confectionery is a blend of midsummer melons, mulberries and cherries, signifying the lushness of life.

Address: No. 137, Wu Yuan Road

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00-20:00

Shanghai teahouse #4: Turtle (乌龟) 

Turtle is a store named after the store’s pet, an alpaca, and is located in an old house in the middle of Huaihai Road. The light and elegant neo-Chinese decoration style is also dotted with simple and chic designs.

Here, tea drinkers can choose the cup of their choice when they drink tea.

Each tea cake is exquisite, like a work of art. The “Groundbreaking” is a black tea and prune mousse. The dessert “Not to leave” is a gradient blue pear covered with sweet pear puree and cream. The texture is smooth and melts in your mouth!

Address: No. 1250-6, Huaihai Zhong Road

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 13:00-21:00

#5: Zui Xi Lou . National Style Tea House (醉西楼 . 国风茶舍)

The owner designed this teahouse according to ancient Chinese books. The interior of the building is decorated with vermillion lacquer paintings carved with dragons and phoenixes, the curtain floats lightly, the pool is foggy, and a few koi move around. Together with the faint sound of the Lute, it is like travelling back to ancient China.

Address: 3F, No.4, Lane 290, Panyu Road

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00-22:00

#6: Chi Cha Qu喫茶去

The teahouse’s refreshments are all very tempting, including rose red bean cake with lychee filling, bun mousse with double filling, and tea jelly with plum flavour…

In addition to tea and tea cakes, you can also see many exciting things here! The owner is particularly fond of pottery and Chinese antique furniture. Various collections, displays and greenery in one place make it very happy to enjoy tea, tea cakes and strolling around the tea garden.

Address: No. 549, Yan’an Middle Road

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:30-21:00

#7: Meet the Time You Want (遇到你要的时光)

Every corner of the teahouse is full of poetry, especially the water deck on the first floor (reservation required). Step on the stones and walk into the tea terrace, with smoke lingering by the pool. The place also offers the experience of renting ancient Chinese costumes in Hanbok.

Address: No. 10 Baoqing Road, Xuhui District (Huaihai Branch); No. 67 Huqiu Road, Huangpu District (Bund Branch); No. 25 Jimo Road, Pudong District (Lujiazui Store)

Opening hours: 11:00-20:00