China’s intangible cultural heritage

China’s intangible cultural heritage

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Suzhou Embroidery, the best Chinese embroidery

There are four regions in China where embroidery is extremely outstanding. They are Suzhou embroidery from Suzhou region, Xiang Xiu embroidery from Hunan Province, Shu Xiu Embroidery from Sichuan Province, and Yue Xiu Embroidery from Guangdong Province. Suzhou embroidery, also known as Su embroidery and Su Xiu, is the oldest and most representative of Chinese embroidery…

shadow puppetry

Chinese Shadow Puppetry: A Unique and Timeless Performing Art

Shadow Puppetry is a form of theatre in which figures are silhouetted on animal skins or cardboard, and performed under the light of a light source through an insulating cloth…