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These Shanghai tourist attractions, like exotic building clusters, historical bungalows, skyscrapers, cultural roads, luxury apartments, and mansions, form a unique Shanghai Style. There are many huge shopping malls, countless buyer boutiques, flagship stores, world-class amusement parks, cultural and artistic venues, everlasting performances, and exhibitions. Also, it is a city with an endless list of national and even global firsts.

Shanghai tourist attractions #1 World landmark in Shanghai

Shanghai, which ranks No. 5 globally in the “World City List 2020”, has long been beyond China and Asia. Many world-class landmarks are well-known at home and abroad, which is breathtaking!

Lujiazui – World Financial Center

This world-class financial center witnesses the rapid development of the magic city. In the past 40 years, skyscrapers have risen from the ground, representing the Height of Asia and the world.

The Bund – The intersection of history and modernity

At the meeting of history and modernity, the Bund intertwines the world-historical architectures and modern high-end life in time and space, inclusive and unique.

Xintiandi – The representative work of Shanghai culture

It was once the traditional Shikumen alley in Shanghai. After redesign and transformation, Xintiandi has become the most Shanghai-style commercial real estate. Modern and fashionable new buildings are intertwined with the traditional Shanghai resident townhouse to create a Shanghai name card that enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad, showing the unique charm of Shanghai’s historical and cultural area.

West Bank – The most prominent art gathering area in Asia

The West Bank has almost carried half of Shanghai City’s culture fashionable life. In the future, there will be Shanghai Dream Center with 1 million square meters, Wisdom Valley with 1.2 million square meters, and Financial City with 1.8 million square meters, which benchmarking the Left Bank of Paris and the South Bank of London.

Shanghai tourist attractions #2 Shanghai culture and art museum

Internationally renowned museums, art galleries, and art centers are gathering in Shanghai. The West Bank Museum is the first cooperation project with Pompidou in Asia. And Pudong Art Museum has joined hands with Tate Britain. Also, the world’s largest planetarium is stunning in its debut. People don’t have to travel to London, Paris, and New York to enjoy a journey of world culture and art.

Shanghai Astronomy Museum – The world’s largest planetarium

The round skylight, the inverted dome, the dome theatre, and the “three-body” structure are full of science fiction. The three-dimensional panorama of home, the universe, and the journey show the universe’s vast picture, opening the starting point for exploring the universe.

Shanghai Museum of Natural History – One of the best nature museums in China

Shanghai Museum of Natural History collects more than 290,000 valuable specimens. The Yellow River Ancient Elephant and Mamenxilong Fossil are “the most precious treasure of the museum.” The exhibition hall is an epic of civilization, a picture scroll of life, and an art feast.

Pudong Art Museum – A new cultural landmark of Shanghai city

The Pudong Art Museum, which has just opened, is home to more than 100 pieces from Tate Britain, one of the world’s top museums, and even the most precious treasure of the museum. There is also the largest Juan Miro exhibition in China from The Miro Museum in Spain.

TeamLab – The world’s second unbounded art museum

These notable works created with dreamy light and shadow seem to be a strange world universe beyond imagination. Each exhibition can cause a sensation in Shanghai city. Here is the real psychedelic blockbuster scene!

Shanghai tourist attractions #3 Global theme park

Shanghai is home to more than a dozen world-renowned theme parks, including Disney, Haichang Ocean Park, Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tale Land, Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, Smurfs, and so on.

Shanghai Disneyland – The world’s largest Disney castle

This magical fairy tale kingdom has the world’s largest Disney castle, the world’s only “Zootopia” theme park, and the world’s first “Pirate of the Caribbean theme park.” For the first time, the park has all Disney princesses; also, for the first time, the park has created a theme boulevard for Micky and his friends to welcome people.

Haichang Sea World – World-class polar theme park

Of the nearly 300,000 ㎡ parks, Mermaid Bay, small Polar Town, Ice and Snow Kingdom, Underwater Wonderland, and Ocean Tribe. Here, you can join 30,000 polar sea elves such as penguins, beluga whales, and mermaids to embark on a dreamy blue journey.

Legoland – The planning world’s largest Legoland

Shanghai famous places

Legoland, one of the three theme parks globally, has chosen Shanghai Jinshan as the site of the largest Legoland Park in the world, with an investment of 3.6 billion RMB. There will be more than ten theme sections and panoramic theme hotels in the future.

Discovery – The world’s first flagship experience center

Shanghai tourist attractions

The world’s first Discovery flagship experience center will be located in the Shanghai Baoshan district with an area of more than 500,000㎡. VR and AR immersive experience devices will be used for the first time, bringing unprecedented real-world entertainment experiences.

Shanghai tourist attractions #4 Aircraft carrier shopping mall

In recent years, many shopping malls have sprung up. There are more than ten aircraft carrier-level shopping malls with an area of over 200,000 ㎡. In addition, the Xujiahui Center (TIC) (279,000 ㎡), the Qingpu Vanda Mall (247,000 ㎡), and the LOVE@Big City (220,000 ㎡) are coming soon.

Nanxiang Impression City – The largest shopping mall in Shanghai, with an area of 340,000㎡

The largest shopping mall in Shanghai, covering 340,000 square meters, has a “tropical rain forest,” a streamer ladder, a fantasy Disney princess theme space, popular restaurants, etc.

Xujiahui Center ITC – The highest building with 280,000㎡ shopping mall

Shanghai famous places

Xujiahui center ITC, under construction, has a 370-meter skyscraper landmark building and nearly 279,000 square meters of an enormous shopping mall. It will be among the TOP5 of the largest shopping malls in Shanghai after opening!

Shanghai tourist attractions #5 Luxury hotels

As the ‘Colosseum’ of high-luxury hotels, countless hotel brands want to get a share of the pie in this megacity.

J Hotel Shanghai Tower – One of the highest hotels in the world

The newly opened J Hotel sits at the top of Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building globally and the highest in China. Also, it is one of the tallest hotels in the world. This private art residence in the clouds can have a stunning panoramic view of Shanghai.

Amanyangyun – Luxury hotel in a century-old mansion

Shanghai Amanyangyun is one of the most expensive hotels in China. The hotel is converted from a century-old mansion with over 10,000 camphor trees in the courtyard. This hotel is the ideal staycation; no one can refuse this charm.

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland – The lowest hotel in the world

At an altitude of -88 meters, from natural scars left by quarrying to one of the world’s top ten architectural miracles, this famous “Deep Pit Hotel” took 12 years to be finished and obtained 41 patents, stunning the world!

Shanghai tourist attractions #6 Skyscraper

There is no shortage of skyscrapers in this magic city, like the famous three buildings in Lujiazui, The Oriental Pearl Tower, Magnolia Plaza, the constructing Shanghai North Bund Center(480m), Lingang Center, Xujiahui Center Plaza(370m), and so on. Hotels, coffee shops, bars, and the dreamy cloud life is trendy and elegant.

Shanghai Tower – Building of the tallest in China and the second tallest in the world

There are Michelin restaurants, the world’s highest indoor Chinese garden, J Hotel, Duoyun Books, and many other highlights in this building. Here is a beautiful epitome of Shanghai’s urban civilization.

The Oriental Pearl Tower – Shanghai’s name card

Although the Height of the Oriental Pearl Tower has long been surpassed, its status as the most iconic building in Shanghai will never change. On top of the pearl, people can better taste the charm of the dazzling magic city.

North Bund Center – 480m, the highest on the west bank of Huangpu River


The planning North Bund Center is the highest on the west bank of Huangpu River and the third tallest building in Shanghai after the Shanghai Tower and the World Financial Center.

Shanghai tourist attractions #7 Architecture landmark

A large part of Shanghai’s unique charm is also attributed to its “magical” architectural style. For example, the L’Avenue like a huge boot, the Poly Theater like a crystal box, the Alien Forest Himalaya Center, the maze space 1933 Old Factory, etc., all these buildings have the magic that most cities in China do not have.

1000 Trees – The new magic landmark in Shanghai

The fantastic building designed by genius Thomas Heatherwick has 400 steps, hundreds of life columns of plain concrete, and more than 20,000 plants hanging in the air randomly.

Fosun Foundation – Dancing house on the Bund

Shanghai tourist attractions

Fosun Foundation is a moving building, with three-layer tassel-like golden curtains, slowly breaking through the mist in the afterglow of the evening, and the gentle and flimsy golden sunlight jumping and flowing shiningly, like a “dancing house” on the Bund.

Guangfulin Site Culture Exhibition Hall – An underwater building with only the roof can be seen.

The famous ‘Underwater Exhibition Hall’ is like being flooded, only the roof appears on the water, as if a floating island, which shows the quiet atmosphere with a bit mysterious.

Ling Kong Soho – Irregular air bridge


Twelve metal-textured buildings and 16 sky bridges are connected to form a spatial network, like a series of giant high-speed railways ready to go.

Shanghai tourist attractions #8 Century-old western-style houses and apartments

Shanghai’s old western-style house has a history of only more than 100 years, but it has built up the charm of this city. They have witnessed the most turbulent years in Shanghai’s history and are compatible with different living cultures worldwide.

Moller Villa – Build a dream castle in the name of father’s love

Moller Villa is the most dazzling one of the old houses in Shanghai. The building was inspired by the dream of the owner’s daughter. This building has a classic Norwegian spire and Gothic roof, just like a gorgeous palace.

Prada / Rong Zhai – The former residence of ‘flour king’ Rong Zongjing

Prada / Rong Zhai is one of the top-class houses in Shanghai, preserved well for more than 100 years. It integrates Chinese and Western architectural aesthetics, like carved decoration and complicated European Windows, exuding the atmosphere of Shanghai’s old aristocratic life.

No. 3 Baoqing Road – The first private garden in old Shanghai

Located in ‘The Central Villa Area on the Xiafei Road’during Republic of China, it was once the well-known ‘Shanghai No.1 private garden’ with 5000㎡ gardens and the legendary family story of the ‘dye king’ Zhou Zongling.

I.S.S. Normandy Apartments – The most beautiful old apartment in Shanghai

I.S.S. Normandy Apartments is a classic product by master architect Hudeck and the first veranda apartment in Shanghai. Its unique cruise ship appearance and strong classical temperament have become an architectural classic that never ends in the magic city!

#9 Jiangnan ancient rhyme in Shanghai

In addition to the modern buildings, there are thousand-year-old ancient towns, streets and lanes of greenstone road, and beautiful oriental gardens, which contain the tenderness of the South of Yangtze River. No matter the Qibao Old Street, Fenjing Ancient Town, the Yu Garden, Qushui Garden, Qiuxia Garden, we would easily enjoy a moment of peace and escape from daily chaos in the corner of Shanghai.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town – Shanghai ‘Venice’

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is one of Shanghai’s four historical and cultural towns. There are nine old streets along the river, thousands of buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties, 36 ancient bridges, and places of interest everywhere.

Zuibaichi Park – Classical gardens with a history of over 900 years

Zuibaichi Park is the oldest one of the five famous gardens in Shanghai. In the more than 50,000 square meters of garden, there are verdant old trees, densely covered pavilions, and many historical sites.

#10 The world’s largest transportation hub

In December 2020, the International Air Transport Association published an official report that COVID-19 had reshuffled the international air travel market, and Shanghai had replaced London as the world’s largest hub. Not only that, but Shanghai will also build a sizeable general-purpose airport in addition to the two airports of Hongqiao and Pudong!

19 subway lines – The most extended subway mileage in the country


Up to now, there are 19 subway lines in Shanghai with 772km operating mileage. With the currently under construction nine lines, the total length of the subway net will reach 1642 km in 2030.

Hongqiao Transportation Hub – One of the world’s largest integrated hubs


One of the largest and more complex integrated transportation hubs globally, the Hongqiao Transportation Hub pioneered high-speed rail and airport integration. Here, airplanes, high-speed rail, magnetic levitation, subway, and other transportation methods are combined. Regardless of the number of transportation ways or hub scale, it is unprecedented worldwide.

Pudong International Airport – Has the world’s largest single satellite hall.


After the world’s largest single satellite hall of 620,000 m2 was put into use in 2019, Pudong International Airport has had 90 boarding Bridges, increasing the rate of flights relying on the bridge from 50% to more than 90%, and the annual passenger throughput can meet the needs of 80 million people!

Shanghai Harbor – the world’s most enormous cargo throughput for 11 consecutive years

In 2020, the annual container throughput of Shanghai Port bucked the trend and reached 43.5 million TEUs, ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years. In the “Xinhua Baltic Sea International Shipping Center Development Index Report (2020)” ranking, Shanghai Port ranks among the top three international shipping centers!

#11 Global food, Luxury restaurants in Shanghai

As the first city in the China mainland to have a Michelin guide, Shanghai is full of luxury restaurants and global cuisines. Including ancient Chinese formal banquet, eight Chinese significant cuisines, international Michelin, and exquisite private kitchen, Shanghai already has 221766+ restaurants, 8000+ cafes, and 40+ global cuisines.

Maison Lameloise – Awarded three Michelin stars in France for 30 years

Maison Lameloise was born in Chagny Burgundy, France, more than 100 years ago. In France, It has a legendary record of being awarded three Michelin stars for 30 consecutive years.

DA VITTORIO – Legendary Italian national treasure restaurant


DA VITTORIO is an authentic Italian three-star Michelin restaurant. Countless elites and celebrities regard Dining here as a status symbol.

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet – The benchmark for immersive sensory restaurants


Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet is one of the ’10 most expensive restaurants in the world.’ In 2021, it won the honor of the only Michelin three-star restaurant in Shanghai for the fifth year. Enjoy 20 dishes in 4 hours. A changing and immersive scene accompanies each dish. It has pioneered the global trend of immersive experience restaurants to a considerable extent.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery – The world’s most enormous Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The Shanghai Starbucks Reserve Roastery sits in the arena of Xingye Taikoo Hui. It is the second Starbucks roastery in the world. In this 2700㎡world’s largest ‘Coffee Fantasy Paradise,’ people could enjoy the journey from a green coffee bean to a cup of mellow coffee.

#12 Shanghai Nightlife

As the famous never-sleep city in the Far East, people can not miss the incredible nightlife.

Bar Rouge – The red phantom of the Bund 18


This old brand bar was opened 15 years ago and sat on the top floor of Bund 18. On its charming red terrace, people drink intoxicating cocktails while enjoying the fantastic night view of the Bund, which is extremely cosy.

TAXX SHANGHAI – The eternal God in the hearts of castings


TAXX SHANGHAI is one of the few large nightclubs with an area of over 3600㎡ in China.

A 360-degree view of the decks of the DJ station, two sets of top-level speakers, limited to 7 sets in the world, and holographic projection technology… It’s like an electronic music empire hidden in the city center!

#13 Street fashion stores, Luxury stores, Flagship stores in Shanghai

More than 120 flagship stores have been gathered in Shanghai’s five central business districts, including the first flagship store in Asia of the luxury bridal brand ‘Pronovias,’ the ‘niko and…’ global flagship store, SEPHORE Asia flagship store, Nike Shanghai 001 global flagship store….

In addition, Shanghai is also a city favored by the first stores of international brands. Every year hundreds of global brands set up their first store in Shanghai, like the first LoFt store in China, the first Popeyes shop in China, the first KAKAO FRIENDS shop, etc. In short, you can always experience the cutting-edge and trendy lifestyle in Shanghai for the first time.

#14 Events and Exhibitions 


The artistic life of Shanghainese is splendid. In addition to Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai International Film Festival, and International Music Festivals, all art exhibitions are held weekly. Only in art museums the number of displays has reached nearly one thousand yearly.

#15 Beautiful Bookstores

The soul of a city is hidden in bookstores. In recent years, Shanghai has emerged with high-end bookstores with unique decorations. For example, Duoyun Academy, China’s highest bookstore in a pure glass palace, Tsutaya Books, let the century-old houses blend in with the fragrance of books.

#16 Headquarters of multinational enterprises

By 2020, there had been 758 headquarters of multinational enterprises and 475 foreign-funded R&D centres in Shanghai. Nearly a quarter of the Fortune 500 have set up regional offices in Shanghai. Shanghai has become the city with the highest concentration of regional headquarters of multinational companies in Mainland China.