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Beijing is the capital of China and serves as both its political and cultural center. With a history spanning over 3,000 years as a city and 850 years as a capital, it boasts magnificent imperial landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, earning it a reputation as the ancient capital of the East.

The Forbidden City, the largest imperial palace in the world and one of the most Beijing highlights, lies on the central axis of Beijing, while other famous attractions such as the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, and the Prince kung’s Mansion are just some of the more than 7,300 cultural relics and historic sites to be found within the city. Additionally, Beijing boasts over 200 tourist attractions in total.

Today, Beijing is a fascinating blend of ancient and modern. Its small alleys (known as “Hutongs”), old teahouses, trendy bar streets, various cuisine restaurants, and bustling commercial districts lend this historical and cultural city a vibrant energy. Visitors can experience not only the majesty and rich history of the ancient imperial capital, but also the fashion, prosperity, efficiency, and convenience of a modern metropolis.

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